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Chihuahua Bath

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6657 W 111th St, Worth, IL 60482, USA

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(708) 361-3662

Dog Grooming Tools

Grooming & Bathing

Get the results you deserve with quality service and at an affordable price too! As a professional Pet Groomer, I bring my experience and know-how with me on every job. But what really sets my services apart from the rest of the industry is my attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.


Other Services

Sandi also offers the following valuable services for your pet:
Flea & Tick Therapy
De-Matting and De-Shedding
Ear Cleaning
Gland Expression
... & MORE!

About Me

Service Second to None

Sandi is a renowned Pet Groomer in Worth, IL with over 30 years of experience. Great service begins and ends with an experienced and friendly professional, so let me know how I can be of service and I’ll be happy to assist you. I provide unbeatable rates and incredible customer service to not only meet your needs, but also exceed your expectations of what a dependable Pet Groomer can be.

Dog Grooming

Your Satisfaction is My Priority


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